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“Arkwright created the first mechanization of production in a hostile environment, without protectors, without government subsidy, but nourished by a relentless utilitarianism that feared no financial risk or danger.”(41)

Literally: The quote says how Arkwright was the first to create the idea and method that lead society to become more mechanized. his recklessness for production even in a time where he will face resistance he pressed onward. He was leading change.

Intellectually: I think how everything has to have started somewhere and when you find out one of the starting points you begin to appreciate more how things were changed. The time and location place a important role in many things especially how change will affect a society.

Emotionally: I feel that we should always take note of the innovators the pioneers because they are the one that shape what our life are gonna be like. The society we live in had to get its shape somewhere and by understanding its roots we can hopefully improve it or at least understand why it became the way it has

Relationally: This relates to the rest of the essay because it shows that a society changes because a select few bring about something new. that the very ideas that run the society of the time can be changed and by seeing who lead it we can understand the effects that it has.

” and though it is true that technocratic capitalism created slums and alienation, it is also true such conditions were perceived as an evil that could and should be eradicated; that is to say, technocracies brought into being an increased respect for the average person”(44)

Literally: The quote says how technocracies are what helped create more respect for the average person because letting people live in slums and alienating people is evil. since that is true even through it created a negative side effect its nature is to fix the side effect

Intellectually: I think that by trying to fix the problems it creates is signs that a society is changing in a good way. If it can recognize that it is creating problems then it should also always strive to fix those problems, otherwise it will create to many problems and that society will end up collapsing upon its self .

Emotionally: I feel that its a good thing and something that makes this change to technocracies seem more applying. Since it shows that things that are negative for a society will be few so in the eyes of technocracies, people can put more trust into the idea that the society that we know can and will likely change

Relationally: This relates to the article we read  “Anti-homeless Spikes.” since it shows a group that is being alienating and how society is just excepting it. Technocracies should view this as something that is evil and that alone is a good reason why they should not be used. Just because a group did not exceed like the rest does not mean it should be alienated from the rest of society.

“To give a date to the beginning of Technopoly in America is an exercise in arbitrariness. It is somewhat like trying to say, precisely, when a coin you have flipped in the air begins its decent. You cannot see the exact moment it stops rising; you now only that it has and is going the other way.(49)

Literally: This quote talks about how we cannot put a exact date when america or even other societies make their change. like a coin that is flipped you can only see it rising and falling never the exact point when rising stops. You also cannot pinpoint the exact time change happens only get a general idea when .

Intellectually: Many countries beside just America has had major changes in their societies and when looking t history it is hard to pinpoint the exact date. We can only find the general time line of when it could have happened by looking at both its rise and falls just like the coin. We know it has stop rising when it falls, that means a change has taken place and we know now it either the falling of the coin or the flip of a new one

Emotionally: I feel that since many America has a not so smooth change. There are many aspect of the society of America that have not gotten better and it has changed very rapidly when you compare its age to other countries. Going back to the coin its like someone grabbed the coin while it was still in the air and flipped again instead of letting it fall. Technology needs time to settle in and we need to give it time so we can see what the effects it will have before we let it change our entire way of living in our society

Relationally: This relates with the rest of the essay, since it shows how changing from Technocracy to Technopoly is not easy to control since we can;t even put a exact date to it. When it changes it will rework everything that we know and how we grow. If we can not keep track of each change, each technology that affect everyone when it is introduced then that means we will lose control and let technology dictate our society rather us dictating technology in our society

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  1. Abigale says:

    The quote you chose for the middle passage was a great find! I would’ve never thought to relate that to the Anti-homeless Spikes piece, but it relates so nicely. Thank you for bringing those similarities to the forefront. Homeless people are isolated based on their economic and social statuses, while people who chose not to engage in the advance of technology are often cast aside. Good job!

  2. The quote you chose for the beginning was quite interesting, I think I overlooked that particular section of the text. I didn’t realize the way it related to the rest of the of the essay until I read the relational portion. The middle quote was also very interesting because I didn’t think about relating any part of the essay to the Homeless Spikes story. Great Job on that portion. This was a great and quite interesting post!

  3. I love that you kept everything short and to the point. Great connections to “Anti-homelessness spikes”. Very interesting post

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