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This picture was taken on Fulton, in front Shake Shack. I chose to take this picture of this bench because of the architectural design of the bench and where it is located. Whoever design this bench wanted to avoid homeless people from laying there or even sitting there for a long period of time. This bench was meant for people to sit these a rest of a little bit.

In “Anti- Homeless spikes” by Alex Andreou, he elaborate that the issue of people being homeless is starting to be ignored in todays society. As i read this article, he made many valid points explaining the issue of homeless people in the street. As i read this article, he explained how we are either ignoring homeless people thru architectural design or we acknowledge homeless people all the time that it has become such common thing to see in todays society. I can relates with Andreou’s article because, there’s spikes being placed on objects people would sit on. The comfortability of public park benches are becoming less comfortable so that we may feel uncomfortable sitting on the benches or laying on the benches so a long period of time.


The end of capitalism has begun

In “the end of capitalism has begun” i found myself reading this article more then once, but i tried to grasp the message in the article. The author elaborated many valid points about capitalism, one of the things said in this article was, “we’re surrounded not just by intelligent machines buy a new layer of reality centred information” and he used the the airline as example explaining that, a computer flies, it has been designed and stress tested, and virtually manufactured millions of time. he explained after his explanation that it is now both an intelligent machines and a node of network. The author also placed Marx in their article explaining his knowledge of knowledge. Marx elaborated the main productive for power would be information. This struck out to me because, in this day and age, information and knowledge is what drives the country. Marx also said that, Organisation and knowledge in other words, made a bigger contribution to productive power than the work of making and running the machines. Once a person has the knowledge to invent something useful in our day and age, it helps the progression for knowledge

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  1. Abigale says:

    “Once a person has the knowledge to invent something useful in our day and age, it helps the progression for knowledge.” Nice point, Jean. Corporations can no longer paint this facade of having access to unattainable information. They will become obsolete. Maybe not in the immediate future, but I can see it happening.

  2. You made a great point about the article “The end of capitalism has begun,” which i completely overlooked. I do have to agree that I also found myself re-reading the article more than once, it was a very difficult one to follow. I also agree with your point about spikes being put up everywhere, especially in parks.

  3. I like how you analyzed the picture you took. You clearly stated the reason why this type of bench was built and how it affects someone who may be thinking of sleeping there. Good job

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