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“How a whistleblower brought down Chicago police Chief”

“They told me that it looked like an execution and they were deeply afraid it was going to be buried,” recalls Flutterman. “The video would be buried and nothing would happen”

Literally: As i read this article, this quote stuck out to me the most because of what had really happened to Laquan McDonald in Chicago. This quote stated that, the way McDonald was killed was horrific. He had gotten shot so many times that they assumed it was done on purpose. And the fact that his death was horrific, that if the truth of his death was revealed and huge riot would explode

Intellectually: This helps me understand that if the whistleblower had not come forward, the truth about McDonald’s death would’ve been buried and no one would’ve known what really happened.Also another family would’ve endured the same trauma the McDonald’s went through finding out their child had been executed by a police officer and nothing was being done for it at the time. As i read this article, everyone in the city were blaming one another and not taking full responsibility of what happened. If it wasn’t for the whistleblower, a full investigation wouldn’t have occurred for the death of Laquan Mcdonald

Emotionally: It pains me to read about a black young man being fatally shot by an officer, and nothing is being done for their death. Reading this article, it is unfair that a large amount of African Americans are being targeted by police officers and being shot down. It states in the article, out of 240 cases of officers attacking blacks, only one was persecuted. This is unfair and something has to be done about it.

“A Public Menace”

“It was, They claimed, both “historically inaccurate and, with subtle genius, designed to palliate and excuse the lynching and other deeds of violence committed against the negro.” They sough to have it barred on the grounds of public safety.

Literally: This quote was, the movie “The Clansman”, wanted to be banned in theaters because of the message the movie portrayed. It was said that, the movie was nt following history and made it seem that lynching of negroes and any other violate acts done to the negroes were ok.

Intellectually: Reading the article all together, it showed how whites had the power to control almost anything, even the attempt to change history by making it seem, lynching was alright amongst them through the media. Reading this article helped me understand how white made it seem that lynching was perfectly fine, and we blacks would have to fight to send a message that, the movie and lynching wasn’t fair to show to the public.

Emotionally: Reading this article, made me furious, in terms of the unfairness that was going. It had to be fought that a movie, which allowed the lynching, shouldn’t be played in theater, and the NAACP had to go to great length to prove why it shouldn’t be displayed in theater, in the end to have it allowed by the media. Reading this argues that the white have alot of control and power, if we don’t fight, we are allowing this to happen?

White Anxiety: Rachel Dolezal, Dylan Roof And the Future of Race in America / The Indypendent

“The white man thinks he’s losing the country”, comedian Chris Rock hoked in 1996 routine “Bring the Pain.” His imitated a redneck. Affirmative action and illegal aliens, we’re fucking losing the country.” Rock looked around, ” shut the fuck up. White people isn’t losing shit, who’s winning? it ain’t us!”.

Literally: This quote is elaborating that the thought of white people are losing their county but in reality they are constantly winning and controlling everything. There were many instance where we as black people have to fight and get respect. Rock elaborated in his quote that if the whites think they are losing, who is actually winning.

Intellectually: To think of it, we as black folks have been fighting for rights and freedom for generations and generations. Nothing for us came easy, but for the white, everything was handed to them on a silver platter. The fact that they can control and everything, and we as blacks are fighting for change, they feel that they are losing their country but all we want is equality

Emotionally: As i read Rocks’s quote, i agreed with everything he said, the feeling of not being treated fairly and targeted almost all the time does not feel good.

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  1. Abigale says:

    Intellectually, that makes me think the same thing about the whistleblower article. Where would the investigation be if the informant didn’t step up and the video never surfaced? I cringe when I think about it. I also think about how many other cases have gone unsolved because of this. Good point, Jean!

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