response 8

“How a whistleblower brought down Chicago police chief” by Jessica Lussenhop”

“I made the request because all kind of stuff seemed fishy,” he says. “I think the city has a real transparency problem.” (page 4)

Literally: The quote is talking about how the governments tend not to show to the public what by law they are suppose. Many of people do not fight against it and just accept when the government telling people they will not show or talk about something.

Intellectually: This makes me think about how people just accept that the government will not release certain information. They tend to say that it interferes or tell some lie to not give out the information. Their is are laws saying that they have to show to the public certain information by law, and many people do not even know that.

Emotionally:  It makes me feel like the government is trying to keep certain information under wraps. Their are many cases of certain information being withheld and that is something makes me think that they’re are too many cases of crimes getting by because the government lies for them.

Relationally: This relates to the story because it is exactly what the story is implying. The story is all about how certain information is not being put out to the public that could incriminate a police officer. The video proves that Laquan McDonald was murdered, and many people almost did not really know.

“A Public Menace” by Dorian Lynskey

“The Birth of a Nation didn’t just transform cinema forever; it inaugurated a debate about art, race, and freedom of expression that shaped american history.”(page 3)

Literally: The quote says that the movie “The Birth of a Nation” had a much more impact than being a controversial movie. It was able to start up debates and made all of america realize that art, race and freedom of expression is something that’s not unanimous.

Intellectually: Art, race and freedom of expression, are all things by them selves greatly controversial. They each have people that to this day debate about what is right and what is wrong, what is allowed and what should be stopped or censored. You have to think a lot when it comes to picking a side in this debate, the answer is not easy that is why they still debate it to this day.

Emotionally: It makes me feel that since their is not single answer to the debate, that their should not be rules or people who get to denounce  an piece of art just because they do not like it. Art is very subjective, what once hated is now praised as the grates of art, so who is to say that art now won’t be praised later. The movie at the time was hated but know we can appreciate what is was trying to say, the mind of the masses change so debating if something is right or wrong should take that into account.

Relationally: this qoute relates to the story because it literally says what the movie did and how much of an impact it had. The movie was not just a controversial movie that will fade, but instead be something that people will reference for years and will be talked about when ever art, race and freedom of expression are being debated together.

“White Anxiety: Rachel Dolezal, Dylann Roof and the Future of Race in America” by Nick Powers” 

“whiteness is a blinding light. lit by the early colonialist, it made Europeans visible to each other. like moths to a flame, generations of Americans were burned by it. now after nearly three centuries, that flame is beginning to gutter out.”(page 4)

Literally: The quote is talking about how being white was like a beacon for Europeans and that is what made them feel superior, but it also burned them, it hurt many of them and other people. That flame is not starting to die because the social constructs that kept is going are starting to disappear and whiteness is no longer the majority

Intellectually: This quote makes me think how not their are more white people that are taking sides with non-white people, because they now are starting to both see and feel what they are going through. When you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes you develop a sense of respect for that person since one you know what they went through

Emotionally: The quote makes me feel like times really are changing. white supremacy is longer gain strength but instead losing it. the flames the quote mentions is indeed dying out since the minds or people are changing Hopefully the change that is going on turns out to be a good one and not a turn for the worse.

Relationally: This quote relates to the story because it sums up all the story talks about. How and why white came to be know as the best and why they develop and sense of supremacy. Also how it is no longer able to sustain itself and whiteness is not dying out since laws and other races are gain more influence and power. The fact that white people have to experience what other people especially low income people, they can no longer claim to be better when they’re own people support other races’s ideas.


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  1. Abigale says:

    “Whiteness is a blinding light. lit by the early colonialist, it made Europeans visible to each other. Like moths to a flame, generations of Americans were burned by it. Now after nearly three centuries, that flame is beginning to gutter out.” I really applaud you for selecting this quote. It’s quite poetic and has such a deep meaning. People like Dylann Roof are trying their best to keep that flame alive; afraid of it being consumed by “darkness”. Great job!

  2. Your response was very straightforward and to the point. You explained the quote literally very well.

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