3/9 Agenda–Melville and Carmona

Melville and Carmona Agenda
1. Film: 2-2:30

2. Find a passage in Melville that you think is particularly relevant for the work that we have been doing in this class. Let us know what it is and how it connects to something specific from our work and readings. Share with the class.
3. Summarize what Carmona’s overall thesis is. (What is the purpose of the task force?). In groups. Each group report out.
4. Read page 268 from Mumford. 1. What is Mumford saying, essentially? If you were going to connect this page to Melville or Carmona, which one would it be and how would you do so? Independently–each person goes.

5. What is wrong with the reforms Carmona explains in the second paragraph on page 2, according to Carmona?
6. What are Carmona’s arguments against body worn cameras?

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