Response 7–due Friday, 3/12

I got this post up a little late, so I’m going to give you until Friday midnight, 3/12, to get this done. Make sure, however, that you have the reading done before class.

After you read the story, I’d like you to think through the story, and attempt to answer this question: What does Bartleby want? Work with that question for a while. Attempt various answers. What does Bartleby want? You’re going to take educated guesses here, but try to back them up from your reading of the story. A few paragraphs.

Then, I’d like you to discuss what Carmona wants in “The Liberal Solution to Police Violence.” What is Carmona’s main point? What do you understand Carmona to want?

I’d like to then to write a paragraph where you compare and contrast what Bartleby wants to what Carmona wants. Tell us how they are alike (if at all) and different. Be as specific as you can.

Again, make sure to get the reading done. And also leave your comments for the exploratory papers before class.

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