Social justice paper


I spent most of the time looking for sources that best relate to what i was talking about. I did Death penalty, Censorship and Human trafficking. The hardest part was knowing when to put the source information into the paragraph so it made the most sense. If i did the project again i would most likely 聽do what i did before since for me the way i wrote it felt the most comfortable.

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  1. Abigale says:

    I thought your paper was great! Information was consistent and flowed from one idea to the next. I especially liked the topic of censorship. Freedom of expression is definitely a right we all have, but we must also wonder where does the censorship end if we continue to allow it? Would our rights be compromised? You can’t make everyone happy and unfortunately censorship and freedom of expression will never cater to one specific party.

  2. Your paper was very straight forward. Because of your paper I learned “child trafficking is the seconded fastest growing organized crime worldwide.” I was aware it was a lucrative business but not to that extent. Another point that you made that I didn’t know was this organization makes 9 billion dollars. The idea of that is ludicrous.

  3. Great topics. i loved that you chose to talk about the death penalty because its not a topic that i believe anyone else would think of. it shows that you took a great amount of consideration in choosing these topics. Great job.

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