Response 6

This post is a current overview of the direction of my paper and I believe my topics are not set in stone just yet.

I have decided on the following three topics. However, I have not started my issue paper as I want to thoroughly explore these areas of social injustice in order to deliver a well-composed, profound paper.

Three Current Topics:

  1. Habitat Destruction-Deforestation of rain forests for resources
  2. Addiction/drug abuse in urban communities and how it affects youth who witness addiction/drug abuse
  3. Embedded journalism in the military and in our news rooms

I am positive that my topics will change however, I am unsure of which topic I would like to stick with and write an entire paper on yet. I plan to keep an open mind while exploring these topics because I may find different subject areas or social issues I am interested in. I have found different sources such as academic journals and periodicals written by environmentalists about deforestation of rain forests. I obtained these sources through the database EBSCO. I have not begun to research for sources on my two remaining topics because I have been preoccupied with my work from other classes. I do plan to continue my research later on tonight after dealing with work from other classes, and over the weekend. I plan on using EBSCO, JSTOR, and the Library database because it has helped me with my previous research papers.

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