Response 4

                              “For although culture is a creation of speech, it is recreated anew by every                                          medium of communication- from painting hieroglyphics to the alphabet to television”

Literally:  Our culture is formed by our speech but then altered by different forms of communication from then on. Therefore, our culture can be possibly changed by our access to certain technology and modes of communication. These different modes of communication are not exact copies of speech or exact records of documentation of events, they are an interpretation of speech and events.

Intellectually:This quote makes me reflect upon the idea expressed by Postman in an earlier text that writing could change an intended meaning. If that is true then an intended meaning of spoken word can be farther altered by the time it makes it to the television because the major focus of television is to entertain. That is what I believe Postman is referring to when he states that “we are on the verge of amusing ourselves to death”. We are concentrating so hard on entertaining the audience that we are not focusing on content.

Emotionally:I believe that Postman is completely right in his claim, television can wrongly interpret and even falsifies information and mislead the public as a result. Other cultures outside our own should not be able to make assumptions about our culture based on what they view on television. We have to build up the idea that everything we see in media may not be true and stop looking to be constantly entertained to pay attention.

Relationally: In the saying that the “media is the metaphor” I believe Postman is trying to say that the media or television is affecting the way we think and therefore changing all aspects our society (culture, education, news, politics and religion); its forcing us to  compare unlike things and see them as one in the same just as a metaphor does. In other words, making us lazy so we don’t take the time to define things individually for exact content. 

“The Corporation”

The thing that bothered me most about the documentary was how it portrayed the corporations absolute disregard for human impact in relation to gaining profit. Corporations will do anything for the personal benefit of their clients and gains of profit. These things include shipping productions overseas and not paying workers an adequate wage for their work. Also exposing them to harmful chemicals that can cause birth defects and mutations in the form of pesticides, hormone injections in the livestock and exposure to harmful chemicals in water supplies. Then when the cost to produce in a disadvantaged country gets too high the corporations desert the operation leaving behind the damage. The thing that was most disgusting to see was the use of the 14th amendment by corporations to identify as a person so legally they are entitled to life and liberty to continue to do what they want. The corporation is completely unfeeling and could be defined as having the characteristics of a psychopathic behavior.

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3 Responses to Response 4

  1. Abigale says:

    Your comments about The Corporation was great. I also find it disappointing that people would literally do anything to be wealthy, even at the risk of harming others. I also thought it was brilliant that they described The Corporation as an entity that exhibits psychopathic behaviors.

  2. The quote you chose to discuss for the Postman piece was an interesting one that I completely overlooked. Your intellectual and emotional view on the quotes meaning were very relatable because I completely understand your perspective on the concept of television being only for entertainment instead of informing people correctly. Your thoughts about the corporation were also very interesting and very relatable as well, I complete agree with your feelings about the way the corporation uses the 14th amendment, it is truly disturbing!

  3. I agree with your emotional response that television can misinterpret information and other cultures should not make assumptions about our culture.I also feel like we also have to be responsible and be aware not do the same of other cultures as well.

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