2/22 Agenda & My Responses to Project 1 Drafts & Response 4


  • After reading my comments and the Murray piece, write a blog post in class where you explain your revision plan for Wed. Think about how you might draw upon some of the readings that you’ve read since you wrote that draft.
  • Presentation sign-ups.
  • Review Project 2 Social Justice Exploratory Project (Due 3/07)
    • Feel free to look at projects from past students. You can see links to the students from Fall 2015 on the blogroll on the right. (Recommended: George Gordon’s project)
  • The Corporation

My Responses to Project 1 Drafts

Below you can find my comment concerning your piece. Keep in mind, that these comments are not the only concerns that you need to keep in mind for getting a high grade. In fact, my comments are not designed or concerned with assessment or evaluation. They are concerned with helping you develop your piece, in writing and in thought.

If you skipped some requirement of the project, such as not including sources, an abstract, or some other requirement, I may not have mentioned it in my comments. That’s your responsibility to make sure you’ve got the bases covered.

I’ve also included the rubric I’ll be using to grade the piece.








Response 4

We have two one reading for Wed.

  1. Make sure that you leave at least four comments to Response 3 before class.
  2. For your response, follow the same format that you did for Response 3. Choose one quote from the Postman essay and respond to it in the same way. We’re going to put off the McLuhan piece.
  3. After you finish watching The Corporation, tell us some of the most powerful moments that stuck with you. Give us a few to think about that you thought were important.
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