Response 3 (due Monday 2/22 before class)

I’m adding a short reading to the other two that we have going on for Monday. This short piece is about the process of revision and will help you considerably for the submission of your final drafts of your tech-lit narrative that is due Wed, the 24th. That will give us three short essays to read for class on Monday.

Here’s what I’d like you to do. For each essay, please select a section of text, some substantial quote that you think is important to the piece and do the following:

1. Let us know the title of the piece you are working from.
2. Quote the passage and include the page number. Center align the quote.
3. Below the passage, left-align, double space and respond to it in the following ways:
Literally–tell us what the passage is saying in your own words.
Intellectually–tell us what the passage makes you think about.
Emotionally–tell us what the passage makes you feel.
Relationally–tell us how this passage fits into the overall essay. Make sure to show here that you’ve read and understood the whole essay.

Make sure to break each of these up so you write a short paragraph for each. Bold each heading so that it’s clear to navigate. It should like

Lewis Mumford, “Automation of Man”

Your quote is here, a few sentences long

Literally: Your text here, a few sentences.

Intellectually: Your text here, a few sentences.

Emotionally:聽 Your text here, a few sentences.

Relationally: Your text here, a few sentences.

4. Do this for Postman “Media as Epistemology,” Mumford “Automation of Man,” and Murray “Internal Revision.”

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