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The first chapter of Technopoly by Neil Postman talks about a king named Thamus and a god named Theuth. Theuth was the inventor of geometry, astronomy, calculation and writing. 聽He believed that writing wasn’t a main source for wisdom but only a source for “recollection.” In this chapter it is argued back and forth why writing has been an essential tool within our generation but also a disadvantage. Technology was one of the argued factors on how writing has affected our source of learning. Postman discusses two types of people–“technophiles” and “technophobes.” Technophiles love technology and always see positives in it. Technophobes are not to fond of technology. The chapter goes on to explain that just because a person may write down notes, it is not completely necessary that the person is actually gaining knowledge.

I honestly thought both sides had a valid point, but in my opinion its based on the learner. In some cases many people may find writing down notes can be a simpler way of maintaining knowledge and remembering what needs to remembered. But there are other types of learners who rather hands-on learning.聽They may feel that speaking on the topic brings more clarification on the topic because everything is being explained and its a constant conversation. I believe when it comes to technology, its a constant change but it makes things much simpler, but yet hurts us because it makes us lazy. There was a statement in the chapter saying that “we are slaves to our own tools”. Due to the fact that technology is always changing words are also in a constant change, so one word can mean so many things.

In The first part of the film “The Corporation”, it speaks on major corporation who seeks ways to gain more money and how business are built to expand wealth. As i was watching the film, they explained what corporation do to increase profit in the most unfairly way. Corporation goes to country who needs the most financial help and give them work to do for barely any money. A famous name brand such as Nike聽would go to the poorest country, and have them make their products for close to nothing, and Nike would sell their products for almost 5 times the amount they paid the workers to make their product. I was also surprised to acknowledge how CEO’s ended making their corporation become a living being, who deserved rights just to protect their wealth as well as exclude them from any laws.

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  1. Jvega says:

    well written and very clear

  2. Abigale says:

    I truly appreciate the detailed explanation and summarization of the essay in your first paragraph. It highlighted some keynotes that I may have skipped over or ignored at first. I also agree with your stance on the essay. Technology has definitely made us dependant and lazy.

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