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The main argument Postman is making is that technology is important to children’s lives. The Postman thinks technology alters the things we think about. He feels new technology doesn’t change anything in the world and how we live. He asks questions on how computer would effect children’s speech. He talks about two technologies like print and television and how children in schools are effected. He feels their learning has been affected.

Postman has some real points like television and children at school. Post man states “children come to school having been deeply conditioned by the biases of television” I think this means children think television is their world. It is all about what is happening on television to the kids. I feel the world we live in today is affected  by what is seen on television. The world is all about new technology and people want to keep up.

My thoughts on the first part of the movie Corporation is that it’s about making business people look good. The Corporation talks about how businesses have changed. The movie talks about how corporations run and how they have affected peoples lives. The movie talks about how the business community influence our lives. I don’t see any connection with the reading and the movie. I feel that there are totally different because both the reading and the movie talk about opposite things. The article is mostly about technology and the Corporation is about business.


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  1. Abigale says:

    I agree with some of the points you made, but I feel like you focused a lot on print and television and didn’t fully explore the other points made by Postman. Postman did not have one stance against technology. He acknowledged the good the bad and the reality. Other than that, this was a good attempt.

  2. You made some valid points on Postman’s positive claims on technology’s benefits, but his argument was more about technology being good and bad not favoring one side over the other. Also I would recommend proofreading before publishing.

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