Intro to Language & Technology

Hello, My name is Kimberly Jones. This is my first semester taking this course. This is not my first time at City Tech. I have received my Associates degree in Liberal Arts & Arts from City Tech as well. I am currently getting a Bachelor’s degree in Professional & Technical Writing. I’m taking three other classes. They are Intro to professional & Technology Writing, Specialized communications for Technology Students, and Research & Documentation in the Information Age.

I come from a large family of all girls, and I’m the baby of the family. I enjoy sewing, dancing, and listening to all different genres of music. Especially Jazz, Reggae, Soca, and Oldies. I have a love of watching black & white films. My favorite actors from that era are Rita Hayworth, Edwin G. Robinson, Glenn Ford, Humphrey Bogart of course and Dan Duryea just to name a few. I also enjoy watching Korean Dramas which I started in 2009. Currently I’m watching a series called “the Six Flying Dragons.” Another interest of mine is I love classic muscle cars and basically any car made before 1975. One day I hope to restore a 1968 Mustang Fastback with a manual transmission. I want an emerald paint job, but I haven’t decided if that is the color I truly want. Like I said before I love to dance and going to carnival. In the future, I plan to go to all the carnivals in Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Toronto, London, and any where else. My favorite thing about carnival is going to J’ouvert. I love the throwing of the paint, powder, mud, and oil. Lastly I have a pet Turtle named Jamal who at the time I didn’t know was not a male but a female. I’ve had my turtle since the second grade. It was my oldest sister who brought the turtle to cheer me up because my pet fish had died.  Everyone who sees  my turtle falls in love with her. I hope to live to 96 and My pet turtle will be right there with me.

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