Creative Detournement Final Product





Nike “slave” labor


The picture compares the working conditions to that of the Jewish prisoners in work camps during WWII. I felt this was an important topic because these people tend to be forgotten often. People buy the products without thinking about the conditions under which it was made. I chose Nike over some other companies for a few reasons. They use more sweat shop labor than almost any other company, they try their absolute best to hide what goes on in their factories, and thirdly, they are a huge company with insane profit margins.

Bleeding Edge Tech


My disdain for Comcast, is a long standing one. The image is speaking about hoe Comcast claims to a company that is on the bleeding edge of new technologies, but they’re really stuck in the past on copper in most places. The image itself is of an early generation IBM pc, implying that a Comcast server might look like that. Why I feel that this is such a huge issue, is that tax payer dollars go towards so many ISP’s Comcast included, and they claim they use the funds to upgrade their servers, which is often not the case. They sit on the money and pocket it. Just about no companies in the world make the profits that ISP’s do, In many cases, they make more profit than drug dealers.

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