Tactical Media Project–Due Friday December 18 Midnight

As a group, you will design a campaign for a day of action concerning your elected issue. You may do more than this, such as set up an organization with future directives (highly encouraged), but you are required to at least design a project for a day of action concerning the issue.

Here are some tools to help you think about this project. Feel free to add other tools in the comments section below.

The Info Activism How-to Guide

Beautiful Trouble

Strategic Effectiveness Overview

For the guidelines listed below, I drew from the Strategic Effectiveness Overview. There are helpful readings and videos that can be found here. For your project you will need to do the following.

  1. Define Yourself–As an organization, you will need to first set broad goals concerning the values and beliefs of your members that incorporate your mission and purpose. You should also choose a name for your organization.
  2. Create a Vision–A narrative along with a timeline that shows what tasks and activities will take place leading up to the day of action. When will it occur during the day? Where will it occur? Are these choices strategic? Why? Identify the date for the day of action.
  3. Map the Terrain–An explanation of the social, political, cultural relationships, institutions and structures – where the “battle” or “party” will be fought or played.
  4. Explore Tactics–Here you explore different possibilities of tactics for the day of action.
  5. Plan for the Action–This step of the Strategic Effectiveness Method assists participants to create a plan to take action for implementing their strategic goals to help realize their long-term vision. All the work done in the previous exercises comes together to develop a plan to take action to move a strategic goal forward. This is how participants will take a step toward making their vision a reality.
  6. Develop a prototype for a poster or flyer or some other media artifact related to promoting the day of action.


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