Final Reflective Paper–Due 12/21

This final paper will take the form of a letter that you address to me. I’d like you to post it to the blog AS A WORD FILE.

In your letter, I would like you to explain in detail how you believe you have changed—as a writer, as a reader, as a student, and as a citizen over the course of the semester. To do so, I want you to turn back and reflect on your blog posts, your projects, the readings, and the works of your peers.

I’m going to leave it up to you, for the most part, which items you choose to discuss, but I want you to draw from each of the four categories. When you do, please go into some detail concerning how each  item has impacted your development and growth.

The length of the project is up to you. But I will say that the point of the assignment is so that I can get a sense of how you perceive and understand your own learning. The more detail you provide and the more items you explore will give me a stronger sense of understanding your growth.

I would be particularly interested in hearing your reactions, perhaps to a reading or a film that we watched, and how those things influenced you, what they made you think and feel; and how they might have impacted your actions. I’d be interested in hearing you discuss how you felt and responded to the blog post assignments or how you changed your approach to writing the responses. I’d be interested in understanding how you felt yourself changing over the course of the semester, how you’ve become attuned to your environment differently. I’d be interested in a reflection of your issue presentation or to those of your peers. Your anxieties concerning the writing projects and how you might have overcome them. In short, anything that we’ve done in class is food for thought. What I hope is that you write a narrative that tells me of the process of change you’ve gone through over the course of the semester and how  you have changed as a reader, writer, learner, and citizen.

These are due Monday, 12/21, posted to the blog as an attachment.

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