Response 13

Based on the reading from Stephen Duncombe, for our tactical media project, we should focus on a specific group or person that relates to the issue we choose. As Duncombe pointed out, people react more to a simple narrative as opposed to the complicated truth, that’s not to say we should make things up to further our project’s needs either. We can focus on a story that correlates to our issue instead focusing on a general idea for the project.  As with movies, people love the underdog story instead of the guy who has it all and can do it all.

Even in the Occupy Wall Street reading, one of the reporters mentioned how the whole things was uninteresting until he stumbled upon the “We are the 99%” page on Tumblr. That reading the individual stories humanized the issue and made him care and that’s what I think we should do. In order to bring the issue to light, we need to sell a story, one that is covered in the facts and can be relateable to others or, at least, one which can gain sympathy from others.

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