Response 13

Throughout the first chapter of this book I saw a certain point being made which was that in today’s society, fantasy has almost overtaken the rational and reality. A paragraph on page 13 really brought this point home for me. Duncombe speaks on why our society is drawn to religion and entertainment. He says while some are still drawn to the truth of religious stories and the bleak reality of news, the majority are drawn to the fantasy and the spectacle. We deal with the harsh reality of life everyday when we step outside. This is why we are drawn to the spectacle aspect of church and television. I believe that keeping this in mind that our project should be meant to draw people’s eyes and make them pay attention. If we focus on strictly getting across an intelligent message it will be ignored in favor of something flashier. In order to deliver whatever message it is that we want to get across, we must make sure to engage the people in a way that will grab their attention and keep it.

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  1. Good post, Jordan. Thoughtful.

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