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Given from what I have read from Duncombe`s “Dream,” an idea that I have for how we should approach the Collaborative Tactical Media Project is that we should somehow create a Manufacturers dissent which helps to create something that is commonly expressed among the members of society. To “…build a politics that embraces the dreams of people and fashions spectacles which give these fantasies form- a politics that employs symbols and associations; a politics that tells good stories.” (Duncombe 9) The reasons behind why this should be implemented in the project is because it will make people listen, it will put our ideas in the lead, and it will benefit the majority of Americans (or people in general.) We will work to make our ideas desirable, we will frame facts in such a way that they make sense and hold meaning for everyday people, and also, we will work on our ability to reason since reasoning is what will help to get our point across.

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  1. I’m not sure what you mean by manufacturers dissent. Can you provide more detail?

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