Response 13

“Weaned on endless advertisements, sitcoms, and Hollywood movies, we’ve learned to find comfort in compelling narratives and change the channel when confronted with messy facts” (Duncombe 7). This particular sentence illustrated to me that society is afraid of the hard, hitting facts so we should approach our tactical media project in the most simplistic and minimal way. Instead of an聽apparent, rational argument, we should go for a strategy that allows for individuals to think and reflect upon before they come to the realization of the message. Duncombe says, “If we want our ideas to lead and not trail the politics of this country, then we need to learn how to think and communicate in today’s spectacular vernacular” and what better way to do that then to post it online where there is a probability it may go viral (9). All it takes is one shot and we have that opportunity to put our tactical media project out there in hopes that it may fuel a fire so to speak.

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  1. I really like the quote you picked at the beginning there. It sets up exactly what the chapter was going for. We definitely need to make sure that this project communicates the way that is necessary for attention in 2015.

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