Response 13

One idea that I have in regard to the project after reading聽Duncombe鈥檚 piece, is that we should try and stay away from concepts and images that feels or looks the same as mainstream ‘resistance’. People encounter ‘resistance’ everyday, having the project just be another drop in the bucket of the constant spew of against the grain set pieces, from both the corporate and 聽activist ends of the spectrum would be a mistake. Make this idea stand out of the crowd, the best we can. 聽Also, we should really try and stay away from “preaching to the choir”. Having a piece that simply conveys the message to people that already are aware of the issue, and even wore, already have the same stance as us, will accomplish next to nothing, mass appeal is what we need to focus on, not patting out backs on a clever inside joke that not all people will get right away.

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