Creative Detournement Project

Fast Food

17This detournement shows the amount of sugar in each fast food beverage. It was created in hopes that it would cause individuals to rethink what they consume if they do drink beverages such as the ones shown. The “still lovin’ it?” slogan was taken and flipped from McDonald’s “im lovin’ it” as a means to聽attack places that sell fast food. The slogan “still lovin’ it?” simply asks individuals if they would still eat the food聽despite knowing what was in it.

I believe I could have improved on this detournement by focusing on one company, mainly McDonalds as it would make sense to use their own slogan against them. I was inspired by the many documentaries that show what is really in fast food and talk about those who constantly eat at these restaurants.


Police Brutality


This detournement shows an officer committing聽police brutality on what appears to be a harmless old man. The police department’s famous motto “to protect and serve” is shown in big聽letters at the top, it was used for two reasons. First, it shows irony. Irony allows the message that is being聽conveyed聽to become more clear to the audience.聽The second reason is because it’s known throughout the world. Those who know of this motto would聽be able to easily connect and understand the message.

I decided聽to create a detournement based on police brutality 聽because聽it was a topic that I discussed multiple times in previous projects, so I was well informed before creating this. I was immediately inspired by the news reports of individuals who were unarmed and brutality attacked by the police, such as Robert Davis in 2005.


Monsanto rBGH聽


This image shows the result of Monsanto injecting rBGH on cows. rBGH is a聽genetically engineered artificial hormone that makes聽cows produce more milk. it caused their utters to become infected (as shown in the detournement) and leak pus聽in the聽milk. Despite this, Monsanto continued injecting rBGH on cows and sold their milk as it was.

“got rBGH?” was added聽to mimic the “got milk?” advertisements. Those who know of the slogan聽would be able to connect and have an idea with what this detournement relates to, which is milk. However many may not know what rBGH is. I believe that the combination of the elements shown (pictures and font)聽creates enough curiosity in individuals聽to research what it is. Which should be the goal of any detournement.

I decided to choose this topic because Monsanto’s crime聽was something that was stuck in my head for a long time after we talked about it class. I believe this detournement can be improved by changing the image to one that shows the infected utter more closely. However it should be one that doesn’t cause individuals to look away in disgust and possibly ignore聽the message聽being conveyed.

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