Creative Detournement

Pregnant baby
I replaced a teenager`s face with a baby`s face to depict just how much of a child the teenager really is. Teenagers are at the age where they believe that they are adults and can choose how they live their lives but they don`t often realize the effects that teenage pregnancy can have on them at such a young age. They are expected to take care of children when they are just children themselves. That is why I created this detournement, and wrote that “Kids should NOT have kids”.

Child exploitation
In this detournement, I had three young children in a line being stopped by an unknown figure who is trying to stop child exploitation. One of the children, unfortunately, has already become a victim of abuse. My message for this piece was to get across the point that children should be allowed to have a normal childhood where they can be happy and healthy. Not one where they have to fight to survive on their own or are physically or verbally abused on a daily basis.

poor vs rich
For this detournement, I had a side by side picture of a poor, unfortunate child living in a horrible environment, and a rich teenage girl living her life to the fullest. The teenage girl obviously has more than enough money to share but chooses to keep her fortunes to herself. Therefore, I incorporated a big pile of cash into the image which should be distributed from the wealthy side to the poor side in order to make both sides happy. Giving just a fraction of that money, to help aide in some struggles that people living in underdeveloped countries may face every single day, will help tremendously to their way of life.

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