Detournement Project Draft

For my detournement I chose the issue of Women’s rights and the Government watching Americans at highly invasive levels.


For this picture I used silhouettes because there is not one face one person to identify. Women all over the united states are effected and the Government at various levels have their hands in the issue. For this piece the message is simple, the Government is stealing women’s rights. With some states already defunding abortion clinics and free clinics that provide birth control and others attempting to implicate the same, women are having their rights stolen, run off with.



This picture is a little less obvious. Here I am addressing the fact that no matter where we go we are being watched, in some instances right in our homes on our computers and laptops. The eye in the sky is always watching, schools, gyms, bus stops, laundromats we’re always in front of a live audience. Kids today won’t remember a time when there wasn’t a camera peaking at them and have gotten so used to it they don’t even give it a second glance. Surveillance has become a norm, but is it ethical?


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