Response 12

In the Dominguez piece we see a strategy that his group and numerous others used against the company E-Toys. After the company went after a net art group which had had the domain name “” for years demanding they give up the site, the numerous activist groups banded together to help stop the giant company from taking advantage. After initially informing the company’s investors about their negative actions, they took things further once E-toys fought back with their money. They got many of the activist sites shut down and began trying to blackmail them into voluntarily shutting down other movements. However the groups didnt relent, and after a type of swarming on the E-Toys site, where they would shop at the E-Toys website but then stop it before the order went through, the stock of the company began to plummet and E-Toys backed off from the groups while also paying all court costs.


In the Alonzo piece what stood out to me the most was the street art piece by El Teneen called “Checkmate.” This pieces shows a chess board where one side consists of only pawns and the other side has the rest of the pieces on it with the king on its side. It delivers such a strong and clear message that of we all band together, no matter how unimportant we are made to seem, we can still create great change and topple over a corrupted leader no matter how strong they may seem.imageIn the Raley piece the part I found to be most interesting was the SWARM initiative. It targeted websites that were meant to be anti immigrant. Virtual sit ins were carried out and DDOS attacks were used to show disdain towards these groups that were spewing hate against immigrants and helping show that a physical presence isn’t necessarily needed to make an impact felt. I think these kinds of activism showings are becoming more and more common and more and more effective as our world becomes more virtually involved.

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