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One of the strategies in the Dominguez piece that he speaks about using, is the use of digital media as well as internet technology to display a sort of nonviolent protest and state that he supported the Zapatistas. They were able to use a huge number of people and a huge number of computers to create a sort of swarm, which in turn was able to draw attention to the Zapatista movement.

In Alonzo’s piece, “Art as Resistance/Strike Magazine”, many influential artworks are discussed. One that I found to be very interesting and clever is the piece “Checkmate, by El Teneen. In the piece, a chess board is depicted, and all the pawns are one side, against the king and other higher ranking pieces. It demonstrates the plea of the many Vs. the few and the eventual victory of the masses.


One thing spoke about in Raley’s “Borderhacks”, is the “BorderXing guide”. The “BorderXing guide” was something that was designed to go on a series of walks between national borders in the European Union “”often by the most difficult means possible”. They then documented these walks and tried to bring attention to the unfair treatment of Non-EU citizens who have tried in the pasty to do the same things. They highlighted the ease of travel of EU citizens and showed the obvious bias against asylum seekers and refugees.



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