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In Ricardo Dominguez’s piece, “Electronic Disturbance,” Dominguez along with a group of members, followed a strategy of electronic civil disobedience. This strategy drew attention to the cause of the Zapatistas and caused many sites to view it as if it was a cyber crime. Dominguez, however, didn’t want it to work, didn’t want it to be violent, and he didn’t want it to be anonymous. He considered the gesture “swarming” since it took a great amount of people to actually create the disturbance.

In Raul Alonzo’s piece, “Art as Resistance/Strike Magazine,” Alonzo talks about art found on Muhammad Mahmoud street depicting men and women with an eye patch or bandage over one or both of their eyes. This art is a representation of how far security forces would go to stop people from protesting. The “eye snipers” would literally shoot rubber bullets at protesters purposely blinding them just to teach them a lesson.

In Rita Raley’s piece, “Border Hacks: Electronic Civil Disobedience and the Politics of Immigration,” Riley talks about a yellow caution sign being put up near the San Diego area highways. The caution sign depicts a man, woman, and little girl attempting to flee across the border into the United States. This sign originally served as a caution for drivers who may encounter people running across the highway in front of them. Sooner or later, the signs labels turned into “Wanted,” “Free Market,” “No Benefits,” and “Now Hiring.” Likewise, many people have died attempting to cross into the United States due to the many restrictions and barriers they must face.

– The Raul Alonzo piece of “Art as Resistance” was my favorite since it tells multiple stories of a struggling society which has many stories to tell. There is so much going on in different countries since many political people, as well as the security forces, are trying to take over the government putting people’s health and lives at risk. These people have started to tell their stories through movements and art, and are trying to show that no matter how much the government tries to hide it, the truth will be revealed for all to see.

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