Response 10 and 11

Response 10


I found this image quite interesting. It’s a sort of direct attack on a way of life in America. The iconic white Cadillac and television, what could be more representative of that time period in this country. The author states that this is an homage to “media burn”. I can’t say that I actually know what that is, but I do feel that this is a very strong use of art to get a message across. The message that is trying to put across is very cleat and most people would be able to discern it with ease.


The message is clear here. The love between people of any kind simply aren’t a detriment to society. The actions of those in power whether it be in the government or in聽corporate聽America, are what contribute to the anguish of people all over the world. While and image like this may not be viewed as startling in today’s world, it most certainly was at the time in which is was released. Art work like this is the reason that we have been able to progress as a society to the point where people can accept other people of all kinds, simply doing whatever makes them happy.


This to me seems more like a sort of traditional d茅tournement. It was created in response to the Exxon Valdez disaster.聽a disaster of that size needs people聽to highlight the awful actions of the people responsible. The media never seems to tell the right story when an accident like this occurs. When a company as big as Exxon is at the epicenter of a crisis, you know that they are going to distort the information that can be discerned. Artwork like this help to keep people awake and aware, the way that d茅tournement should.





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