In Class Blog

Part 1:

Acts of activism can definitely be fun, especially when you are doing something that you are passionate about.  Look at the people from Claremont Road, who went to live on the streets and held street parties, lived their lives together, and resisted for 4 days. These acts are something you are invested in, something you want to take part in, something that can being others together to bring about change, if there is no enjoyment out of it then why are doing it?

The same can be applied to the work we do on daily basis, if this something we hate doing, there will be no passion or effort to do something worthwhile and meaningful. It would be something that is done because it is a necessity and will slowly kill you.

Part 2:

What this tells me is that we can be creative and find unique methods to approach what we will be doing. What started out as prompt that left wondering what I’m supposed to do, is slowly taking form and ideas are beginning to sprout. At the same time, it needs a plan, a purpose, a guideline, it cannot just be something you throw together or it will lessen the value of the project. The key here is to find something that brings about passion, something you’ll enjoy and go from there.

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