Response 9

John Jordan details the events of Reclaim the Streets and I found it to be quite interesting. How it began with Claremont Road and after it was lost, continued with street parties on major roads in London. With Claremont Road, people took direct action to defy the Department of Transport. People lived on the street in order to resist the destruction of these houses and road.

It’s mentioned how one these people altered cars to create barricades, with one reading “Rust In Peace,” which was basically the work we did in class. The way these people changed what a road signifies, instead of being something for cars to pass and people to walk on, it became a living space. This place had become a sort of theatrical battleground as people did their best to prevent the destruction of the road and the city forcibly evicting the participants, which was costing them big bucks to do.

Ultimately, the people were removed and Claremont Road was destroyed with no trace left of it. But, they didn’t give up, if anything, Claremont Road served as a martyr as people wanted to do more and continued with the Reclaim the Streets.  It shows that we can and should taking action against the situations that we are forced into. Even if it is unsuccessful, it proves that we won’t take it laying down and that is only way we can possibly change things.

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