In Class Prompt

Acts of activism can be fun on many levels. Many of the things that I saw when I was doing searches on “detournemat” were jokes and things that made a solid point while also being quite humorous. Another example of “fun activism”, can be found in the first piece that we had to read for class today. They spoke about how they danced in the street for hours, as a sort of social activism. Enjoyment is stripped from our daily lives in many ways. One of which is the rigidness that we sometimes see in the work place. Many employers actively discourage non work related conversation during work.

One thing that I feel that I learned in class today that I may not have previously focused on is the concept of fun existing in relation to social activism. When people are having fun it seems as though more people can be inspired to join in on such an activity. I feel that I will use this for future reference in that I will try to incorporate a sense of humor in my “creative deoturnemat” assignment.

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