Exploratory Paper

I started my project searching for sources on 3 completely different topics from the ones my paper is actually on. Due to difficulties finding reliable sources I abandoned my topic on the Palestinian And Jewish Unity and switched my research to the Arab Spring. In searching for sources on child labor laws I somehow stumbled upon girl child soldiers and found it to be a more interesting issue to research. The third issue I ended up researching and adding to my paper was Detroit water shutoff. Sources for my issues were located on Ebsco, Gale, Wiley Online Library, and various online journals and articles. The most challenging thing when doing this project would have to be locating the right sources I felt were reliable and informant enough to use in my paper.If I were to do this project again I would give myself more time to select a number of sources and go through them as well as jot down more notes prior to doing my paper so i can organize my thoughts better.

exploratory paper

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