Response Post #3

Postman states that Technopoly is that “human life must find its meaning in machinery and technique.” (Postman, 52) Individuals went from believing in a God that created everything to not believing in one at all or questioning what his reasons for creation were. They lost an interest in their own humanity and started focusing on the different ways to make a profit. They stopped caring about others and started to care solely on themselves and how to create more and more technology. The belief in religious beliefs diminished tremendously causing a push from technocracy, having a need to invent, to technopoly, making everything about technology. This transition has cost many people their lives including Michael Brown. He was a young black boy who was gunned down by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, a few months ago. This is one of many horrendous consequences we must face as a result of this movement from technocracy to technopoly.

The current police state is part of the technopoly system in that the police have total control over what happens, similar to how technology has started to have a lot of control over our daily lives. The police get to shoot or arrest whoever they want, most often based on racial discrimination, but are allowed to do so since they have authority in the community and a legal system that supports them no matter what. If anybody retaliates or tries to get justice, they are often met with the same fate. “The police are the front line of capitalism and racism in every fight.” (“The Thin Blue,” n.d.) The features in a technopoly include American character which is what all the officers of the law have. They also provide a sense of comfort since they are trained to serve and protect the citizens of the United States, even though they have not fully done so. Members of other countries have also been targets of our mighty police force causing tension between this country and other countries seeking revenge. I believe that the conditions that the Crimethnic article describes is a natural extension of the Technopoly since technology has an effect on people differently. The police are given weapons to protect but instead are using them to harm innocent people, all on the basis of race, just cause they are given the power to do so. Technopoly has led to vicious and violent attacks on mankind and it continues to shape our world in ways that were never expected before.

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