Response #2

1. Quote the passage and make sure to cite the page number.

Page #25

“Tool-Using Cultures, then, may have many tools or few,may be enthusiastic about tools or contemptuous. The name “tool-using culture” derives from the relationship in a given culture between tools and the belief system or ideology. The tools are not intruders. They are integrated into the culture in ways that do no pose a significant contradictions to its world- view.”


  • Literally–translate the passage into your own words. What do you believe Postman is saying in this passage?

In this passage I believe Postman is saying that every culture has a relationship with technology and that while the progression may be received differently it poses no real threat to the culture or the society.

  • Intellectually–respond to it on a thoughtful level. What does this passage make you think?

This passage makes me think about modern day technologies and the great divide over them.  Well the great divide between generations and the use of them. This makes me think of the way my parents view the tools i use and the way i view them. Tools in the sense of convenience, easy access to information or resources. It makes me think of how they think being able to deposit a check on the chase app is confusing and requires too much time and effort on their part but its so quick and so much easier than walking to the bank for me. This passage basically states that technology has no bearing, no threat or oppositions to a cultures view of the world and in all reality it doesn’t. It merely provides new mediums of exchange in sharing the culture, its views or ideology.

  • Emotionally–respond to it on an emotional level. What does this passage make you feel? Why?

This passage makes me feel mildly concerned because there are some groups of people who believe tools or technological advances are harming the world and its progression. I wonder if those people have ever stopped to think of the marvels tools can provide us with, the ability to see and talk to a deployed marine 1,000 miles away. Have the people who think using iPads in classrooms slows down a childs ability to write ever watched a child learn another language using it. I feel like people are quick to judge tools they don’t know how to use or don’t have any access to.

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