Week 2, Responses 2 & 3

Hi Folks,

Make sure that you follow the syllabus closely for all the readings and work that is due.

This week we had to make a correction to the syllabus, so that what was due on Monday is now due on Wed. What was due Wed is now due on Thursday. There are two responses, post them SEPARATELY, as SEPARATE BLOG POSTS!!

Response 2–due Wed, 9/9

By Wednesday, make sure to read “From Tools to Technocracy” in the packet. Here, I’d like you to choose one passage that you feel is particularly salient. Something you feel is important to remember. Do the following:

1. Quote the passage and make sure to cite the page number.

2. Below the passage, respond to it in the following ways.

  • Literally–translate the passage into your own words. What do you believe Postman is saying in this passage?
  • Intellectually–respond to it on a thoughtful level. What does this passage make you think?
  • Emotionally–respond to it on an emotional level. What does this passage make you feel? Why?


Response 3–due Thursday, 9/10

For Thursday, your job is to read Postman “From Technocracy to Technopoly” and the article “The Thin Blue Line Is a Burning Fuse.” As you read both, make sure to read slowly and take notes. Once you’ve finished reading both, I’d like you to make a connection between the two pieces. To write your post, consider the following:

  • What does Postman mean by Technopoly? What is the change that takes place in the transition from Technocracy to Technopoly?
  • In what way, do you believe, is the current police state as described by the Crimethinc article, a part of the technopoly system that Postman describes? What are the features of a technopoly and how do they relate to the repressive global structures discussed in the Crimethinc article? Would you say the conditions that the Crimethinc article describes is a natural extension of the Technopoly? Why or why not?

Please note that we will discuss these possibilities in class. All I hope for you to do here is a thoughtful post that attempts a connection between the two.


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