Arroyo and Related Projects

The project below will get you thinking about hour next assignment. Be sure to reread Lewis Mumford’s the Automation of Knowledge. Here is the assignment.

Before you go through these, I can’t list everything here, but if you do a video search for “Participatory Composition,” you’ll get quite a list of related video projects. Once you get into the loop on Youtube, it keeps going in multiple directions.


Projects Discussed in Arroyo’s Chapter 6

Mark Olague!

Lisa J. Brown


You Are Electrate by Hanan Habiz, interesting stuff. Geof Carter’s class.

Naked Lunch: Anticipating Electracy


Participaton in an Experimental Humanities: Go to Minute 4, to hear Ulmer talk about Chora.


 Videos and Related Projects from Arroyo’s Digital Writing Class

Spend some time on this site in general. Lots of great stuff here.

Our [Electrate] Stories

Explicating Ulmer’s Mystory Genre

Marc C. Santos, Ella R. Bieze, Lauren E. Cagle, Jason Carabelli, Zachary P. Dixon, Kristen N. Gay, Sarah Beth Hopton, Megan M. McIntyre



An informative MEMEmorial of the choices behind College underage drinking




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