Blog Post 8–Due 4/21 before class

For class on Tuesday, we need to have read Arroyo, chapter 6 to get ready for class.

For this blog post, do the following.

Pick one passage, quote it, and then respond to it. We’ve done this structure before, but in this one, I’m adding a new wrinkle–speculation.

Literally: What is the passage actually saying.

Intellectually: Tell us what the passage makes you think about, what ideas you connect with or what ideas you generate.

Emotionally: Tell us what the passage makes you feel about the condition she describes.

Speculatively: Based on this passage says, and based on what you believe, speculate how the ideas in this passage will unfold in the next ten or so years. Concerning JUST this specific issue you are discussing, what do you believe the future holds in store for it. Go on to add justification for why you believe this is what is going to happen.

We’re going to use your speculations as jumping off points for the next project, which I’ll be updating this weekend. Stay tuned.

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