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At first, I found it quite difficult to grasp the idea of “studium” until I finally understood it. Once I was romanticized by the word, the only image that came to me was a photo I took last summer. The photo, which I feel simply, the word photo does not do it justice because this image speaks a language that has not yet been discovered. The image, I’ll call it, was captured during the Kara Walker exhibit housed by the Domino Sugar Factory. At first glance you see a massive naked woman. My intention when I took this photo was to capture the largeness of this beautiful Sphinx created out of white sugar to show her black beauty. The interpretation of this image is unique to each of us but what I hope for the spectator to realize is this. “This photo shows an African American woman in her most vulnerable element but because of Western views she has been stripped of her black beauty and turned white. This image shows how sugar has been westernized to make it white so it can be deemed “pure”. This photo so elegantly shows her African features of what makes her beautiful even when they tried to purify her.




The word punctum is so intimate because it feels as it is a sin to say.  When I think of an image that jumps out at me that elicits something poignant in me, it would have to be the famous “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. This image attracts me in a way that I cannot even begin to understand. At first glance you see someone screaming in a swirl of reds, blues and blacks in the background. It is extremely personal in a way that is captures me and I am thrown into a world of melancholy, there is an unspeakable sadness one feels when looking at this image. It is more about the dissection of the image which shows the impact of it. It is something that reminds you of a time in your life which brings different emotion to each of us.


In ” Beyond The Blogosphere”by Aaron Barlow and Robert Leston takes a close look at this information overload world we now live in and the effect on the new “children” of technology. The authors goes on to mention “But the changes of the form of the book to whatever the book will come to be in 100 years is only one side of the story. “(Page 12) This quote introduces the reader to the possibility of what the next invention of the book will be. It makes me think about a time when technology will surpass the tangibility of a actual book. To think of it, we are now entering a time that ipads, tablets, and kindle are starting to replace the book. . .


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  1. I’m not quite sure why the Kara Walker image fits the notion of studium.

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