Blog Post 5 & 6

  1. Oral culture has been destroyed by print technology. Everything starting from man has been homo to a usual conformity. If you’re not homogenized, you’re almost like the outcast. Men were alienated if they weren’t part of the norm. Women were last to be transformed by the civilized man. Appearances, conformity and respectability are all important when understanding the new electric media age.
  1. The natural magic of the camera obscura anticipated Hollywood in turning the spectacle of the external world into a consumer commodity. Camera obscura is the separable image. It is the preservation and repeatability of the image in itself. The book Natural Magic entailed developing pictures through a dark room where you had to soak the pictures in a chemical to see the image and as years passed by, that has turned into lens. The development of the camera obscura made it easier for artist because they thought it was easier to trace two-dimentional pictures instead of three-dimentional reality.
  1. Television has altered the world. Television was invented as a result of scientific and technical research. It altered media of news and entertainment. Also it has changed institutions and social relationships and most importantly our basic perception of reality and our relationship with each other and the world. First it was used for educational purposes now it facilitates the new social constructs of this time and age. Television is truly te”lie”vision. It delivers a medium, which you have to pick out the truths.
  1. Medium is the message is about what is learned and not told. The medium is the message. We should analyze everything that we hear and watch on television because we as human beings believe almost everything that we see; sometimes by the way it is presented to us. For example, the news is a medium, which we should pick and choose the facts.
  1. The four readings connect language and technology and how it has had an impact on the way people think and society in general. The different readings explain different things that in general have the same meaning. The advancement of language is like “the atomic bomb” according to Williams. Language is used mostly for the devaluation of our society today.
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