Blog Post 7–Due 03/31 Before Class

Readings for class: Barthes studium and punctum from “Camera Lucida,” Barlow and Leston “For the Love of Zoe.” Here is the Barthes’ excerpt. It’s also in the dropbox.

Print out the Barthes piece and bring to class.

Make sure you have your blog posts complete before you come to class because we’re going to be doing little presentations concerning them, so make sure to have them posted and ready to discuss.

Here’s what I want you to do:

After you read the selection by Barthes, I want you to find and/or upload two photos. In your post, explain how one is studium and how one is punctum. Make sure to draw upon Barthes’ discussion in your explanation. Write two or three succinct and solid paragraphs.

For Barlow and Leston, take one example you find in the chapter.   Summarize the example that you choose, tell us why you chose it, and feel free to give us your own opinions concerning what it says. Then, I’d like you to surf the internet and find a photo that you think illustrates or in some way engages the example you wrote about.

Overall you should have three images and various discussion.

Pro tip: For help adding images go to this link. The discussion at the top shows you how to upload and insert images. If you scroll down, you’ll see how to embed externally-hosted images.


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