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Question 1) Due to writing and communicating with writing we have changed the way we think critically. Only because of writing Plato, for example, was able to convey his critique.

Question 2)  Writing without the eventual need for print forced early writers to write with the idea of how their words would sound if read out loud.

Question 3) Writing changes our relationship with time because we obtain our ability to keep accurate records and we become forced to view our lives in relationship to time.

Question 4) We become more aware of time, place, people, languages, structure of writing, composition.

Question 5) The way in which writing relates to rhetoric and learned Latin is that the only people who wrote were educated males that were taught in Latin which had its sole base academia.

Question 6) The novel and literature is not an effect of rhetoric but is an effect of vernacular languages because of the popularity of the literary style of females authors who did not receive formal rhetoric training. (109)

Question 7) Poetry is a subset of rhetoric because


Question 8) Rhetoric is male due to the fact that men were formally in rhetoric

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