Answers to Ong Cht4 Marissa & Ariel

Writing restructures consciousness. 1. What is meant by this? Name one way in which this takes place.

The way we interpret writing, is very different to speakers. Writing is considered “dead” and you cannot question the reading and if you do, your re-reading the text. On the other hand the speaker can be questioned.

  1. Explain what becomes possible as an effect of writing that is not an effect of print. How does writing change the oral mind.

That phrase people say—“get it in writing,” is prevalent in answering this question. When you’ve read something, and are able to read it multiple times it’s far easier to grasp the concept(s) the writing is presenting. Print is usually generated towards the masses, making it so the print is generally based around some kind of factual truth. “Writing” is a general term and can pertain to multiple opinions. According to Plato, “writing destroys and weakens the minds and those who write will become forgetful relying on an external resource.”

  1. How does the relationship to time change? To dating? How does the relationship to the self-change?

As time passes we change, we evolve, the relationship to time changes by the natural progression of life. We have to evolve with the moving times. In terms of dating, I’d like to think as we get older and with our experiences we’re able to see ourselves, and our romantic interests in a clearer light. The change comes with consciousness and awareness of self, and if we’re capable of changing our own mentality we’re able to bring forth new levels of love, kindness, and compassion in our new romances. These concepts of love, kindness, and compassion are relevant to change for obvious reason, love yourself first and self-change should come naturally.

  1. How does consciousness change as an effect of print?

According to the text, “Before writing was deeply interiorized by print, people did not feel themselves situated every moment of their lives in abstract computed time of any sort”. Cultures before was not exposed to any print or dated material and they never tried to discover the year or time because there wasn’t any resources available to them. Print has grounded us, and our consciousness has evolved. We are able to communicate with each other and are able to read and write with evolving time.

  1. In what ways is writing a very special case in the way it relates to rhetoric and learned Latin?

Traditionally rhetoric is a part of orality, Latin had come to a point of being impossible abstain apart from the few schools it was being taught in

  1. How is the novel and literature not an effect of rhetoric but it’s an effect of vernacular languages?
  2. How is poetry a subset of rhetoric?
  3. How is rhetoric male and literature female?
  4. How did rhetoric get absorbed into literacy, leading to its demise?


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