For Tuesday 2/17

On Tuesday, we’ll spend some time talking about Jack Goody and Ian Watt’s The Consequences of Literacy that we didn’t get to last class. We mentioned that we need to unpack how Goody’s piece is related to the Phaedrus, something we’ll do in class, so please review the ending section where Goody and Watt discuss the Phaedrus. Also, I’d like you to pay attention to the notion of history and time that Goody talks about concerning oral cultures in the beginning section. This section goes well with the Walter Ong we’ll be reading.

The new reading is the first two brief chapters of Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy, pages 1-30.

After reviewing Goody and reading Ong, go ahead and write a blog post. I’m going to give you free reign on this one. You can address the issues I mention above in the first paragraph or you can write about something else that you think important, something that you feel that we should pay attention to as a class. Naturally, I’d like you to keep in mind some of our discussion that we were having last class, concerning the terms apparatus and episteme, about the way thinking changes according to different ways of making knowledge, but I’m also interested in seeing where you go on your own.

See you Tuesday.

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