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Part 1

Hello English 1710 class, how are you? Hope you’ve had a good start to the new semester! My name is Jodieann J. Stephenson or Jodie for short, I am 22 years old and I live in Manhattan. My interest are in photography, fashion, writing, styling and drinking coffee. My ultimate goal in life is to become a Creative Director for a major fashion brand or a magazine. I am working towards this goal by matriculating in this program. For the moment, fashion has always caught my eyes. I have an appreciation for fashion and the finer things. I work part-time at Club Monaco as a stylist. Another love of my life is writing. It has taken me a long time to be able to accept that I am a writer and given the skills in this program I will be able to become a productive citizen in society and will be able to contribute to this college in the future. And I’d also like to publish a fiction book or a memoir.

Part 2

My relationship to technology is it is my nonexistent boyfriend. I love and depend on technology intensely. For example, if it was not for my Macbook how would I be able to write and post this blog post, it is very important. Technology has imbricated my life in every aspect possible, even something as simple as waking up in the morning. All forms of our communication outlets are a combination of technology.

My relationship to language is very interesting. American “English” is not my first language; I speak Jamaican patois, which is broken “Queen’s” English. It is basically slang words. For instance I can never remember the American way to spell grey or gray. So my relationship to language would be a constant appeal to trying to perfect the “proper” way to speak. It is very difficult for me to speak proper because I get a lot of flack from some cultures saying I am trying to “talk” white. The type of language I use while speaking depends on whom I am talking to. If I am with a group of friends it is very casual, no thoughts about the importance. Speaking with my mother or my family from Jamaica then I use patios. If I am in a professional atmosphere then I tend to use “business” English. In reality I have a hard time speaking because I stutter, but in dreams the world is my oyster. In my dreams nothing stops me, I have the confidence of a lioness. My relationship to language is that I prefer to use it through writing because it allows me to say the things I am unable to pronounce freely.

Part 3

“Man the Finder”

“Early man never committed himself to a single source of food or to a single mode of life; he spread over the whole planet and tested life under radically different circumstances, taking the bad with the good, the harsh with the temperate, glacial cold and tropical heat. His adaptability, his non-specialization, his readiness to come up with more than one answer to the same problem of animal existence-all this was his salvation” pg. 381


This passage wants us to understand the importance of the evolution of Mans mind first through thought then actions. It signifies the value of realizing the early discoveries of man that we do not acknowledge. We should appreciate the curious approach man took in acquiring more knowledge. There was no mindset involved with money, it was simply about survival in the basic of ways. It resonates with me because it speaks to my curiosity about life.


This passage resonates with me because it makes consider the years of knowledge passed on through evolution. It sheds light on why human beings are curious creatures. It all stems from Mans constant desire to discover. I realize that I need to become more adventurous in life and push my sense intense desire to know.


The passage makes me have an appreciation for Mans discoveries. It makes me think about going back to a simpler life. Too often enough we get caught up in the materialistic things instead of something simple as being able to walk.

“Phaedrus” by Plato

“There is also a fourth kind of madness—that of love—which cannot be explained without enquiring into the nature of the soul“ pg. 5


There is a tragic madness in this world, which is that of love that the author says “which cannot be explained without enquiring into the nature of the soul.” I believe that the idea of love is one of the most powerful ideas know to man. It creates the belief that two souls are meant to be and joined together through soul.


I appreciate the idea of “love.” I think it creates the possible illusion that we can be connected because of a higher being. It makes us feel secure with one another. I maybe a little cynical these day because I got my heart broken which has changed my views on love. I think the truest form of love is the love you have for yourself.


The passage brings up mixed emotions because it makes me look at the glass half full, half empty ideology. On the one hand I emphasize with the idea of love and being in love but on the other hand it is a idea that we have created to seek an emotional connection.

I am very shocked to discover how mixed with feelings I am with these two very interesting passages. I have a immense appreciation, admiration for man in both stories because it was through their ideas that we have evolved and are at this point in our lives. Without their constant yearning for discovery, understanding, curiosity we would have remained illiterate in the sense of not living in a world so technologized. I have my heart set on the ability to be able to contribute something great to this world like man did.

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  1. Thanks for your comments, Jodi. I think you’re grasping onto the right kind of stuff. Curiosity. yes.

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