Blog Post 1

Part 1
First, I want  you to introduce yourself to the class. Tell us a little about your background and tell us about your future plans and career goals.

Part 2

This course is called “Introduction to Language and Technology.” At some point in the near future, I’m going to ask you to reflect upon what you believe the relationship between language and technology is, but for now, I’d like for you to reflect on what you believe is your relationship to technology. How is technology imbricated in your life? Also think about technology broadly, not just digital technologies. What is a technology, anyway? What is your relationship to it/them?

Next thing I’d like you to do is the same question, but this time related to language. What is your relationship to language? Think about lanuage in the all the modes you use. Talking, texting, writing, blogging . . .  With your friends, with your grandparents, with others . . . . How does your relationship shift and change in different circumstances? What do you feel about the way language works in your mind and in your dreams and in your feelings? How do you relate to the way you connect to words? Do you choose the words you use? Do you think things that you never actually intended to think? How do you feel you shape language? How do you feel language shapes you? (You don’t have to answer all these questions, but they are there to generate reflection.)

Part 3
This part requires that you follow the syllabus schedule and read Lewis Mumford’s “Man the Finder” (in Dropbox) and read the intro to the Phaedrus.  From these readings, pick two passages (one from each) that resonates with you for some reason or another. It should be a “chunk” of text, not too short, not too long, a few sentences or so.

Go ahead and copy the text into your blog post and make sure to cite the page number so that we can see where you got it from. Then, I’d like you to respond to it in the following ways.

Literally; First, translate the passage into your own words. Tell us what you believe the author is saying in this passage.

Intellectually: Next explain what this passage makes you think. How does it resonate with you intellectual, thinking side? Give explanations concerning why you think this way.

Emotionally: Go on to explain how the passage makes you feel. Give reasons for why you think you might be feeling this way.

Repeat this for the next author.

Once you’ve completed this, write a final paragraph that summarizes your engagement with these authors.

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