Design is defined, including a review of various design disciplines (architecture, industrial, environmental, gaming, etc). Design is NOT illustration, even if students will be asked to design images.

Specifically: The miniature image/creation of an icon. Examples are given of visual image representation in various contexts. 


  • Review of drawing skills and software
  • PDF creation
  • Image research skills


  • Students print the Brainstorming Image Grid, bring to class with a pencil and eraser.
  • Students collect at least 20 images and logos that they would believe are recognizable in miniature size. 

Session 1

  • Image project is assigned and discussed
  • Students begin filling in the grid immediately—pencil sketches.
  • For details, click here

Session 1 Homework

  • Finish filling in the grid with all the images
  • Collect images pertinent to the icon set.

Session 2

  • Begin development of sketches in black-and-white in computer. 

Session 2 Homework

  • Using the Image Template, develop six treatments of three of the brainstormed images in black and white.
  • Make a PDF and upload to the portal
  • Critique the following session and print the three sheets of black-and-white icons.


Using the template below, develop your icon
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