Perspectives: The Surreal & the Real

Author: Jonathan Sanchez

Blog #5 A Sound of Thunder

Overall a great story, opens my mind when I read it. Just to think of time traveling, gives me joy. If I was in this scenario I would’ve time travel back to 80’s where it full of enjoyment. Reading this story made me think not only think about time traveling is cool but not everything cool is really good. We have people Eckels who wants to do their own thing and forget about any consequences living their life to the fullest FORGET THE RULES !.  Keep in mind everything happens for a reason whether the situation is big like time traveling or small like stepping on a bug. If it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be, if it’s not going the way you want. My best advice is to man up and own up to it because time moves on and days go by to just stay stuck,wonder why and cry.

Blog #4

From reading the short story Sand Kings, it makes me realize that there are some wicked people in this world man. Especially people like Kress, a true wicked man. Not even a man I wouldn’t describe him to be human because he’s not. Who on earth starves animals on purpose to just let them died as “entertainment”. This just makes me think more about society in general. If we have people who basically torture animals for selfish enjoyment, then there must be other people in this world who tortures something else and enjoys it. Point blank of this story is that Power & Selfishness combined can have an affect on the good things in this world. People shouldn’t be cruel with power and not only think about themselves, they should think about the world as well they are apart of it.

The Things They Carried

My Initial reaction to the story “The Things They Carried” was an observation. I was observing where was this story going. I was surprised at some of the paragraphs especially the part when they cut off a kid’s finger and kicked his head. I found that disturbing and cruel. It was grimey how they just did that and didn’t have feeling towards it.It made me think what is really going on when ” Soldiers” are out fighting for our country at another country SMH

Blog #2 The Blessed House

While reading The Blessed House, I came across a quote that made me laugh and made me think.

“Oh perhaps it’s an attempt to covert people” Twinkle mused “Clearly the scheme has succeeded in your case”

That made me think he’s trying impress others and not trying to be himself. His wife is full aware of the situation, that’s why she finds it amusing. She know’s this is fake and he needs to be a real person. This made me think to the time of my life when one of my old friends tried to flash money for moment, like I didn’t know he got his tax return. Like bro? really? People don’t have to put up a front to impress others. If you really wanna impress others than be yourself, it’s guarantee they’ll be impressed by who you really are.










The Yellow Wallpaper Blog

I’m gonna come clean I didn’t think I would enjoy this reading. I don’t what through me off the title or how much reading this story had. But, as I took it serious and really put some  time into reading it I started to enjoy it. It wasn’t enjoyment what I was reading, it was a issue that is going on in society that is being acknowledge in this reading. I’m all for Women’s rights and to read this story made see that the husband is someone who wants to make his wife a housewife. He wants to control her,her mind and her actions. He doesn’t want her to escape and have enjoyment.

For me he’s out of line ! the way he talks to his wife like she is worthless and just there for no reason. He tries to baby her but only because she gets mad. He doesn’t think when he speaks and he doesn’t understand the words he says have a big impact on her feelings.

The wife has a lot of patience because I know a lot of women who would not put up with that relationship.A relationship should contains to equal boundaries.It’s not fair that the husband can only do what he wants to do. The wife should be able to do what she wants to do.He shouldn’t control her and she shouldn’t  control him.

I personally think he doesn’t love her, he just loves to control her.



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