Sandkings is a story about fictional creatures called Sandkings and their keeper, Kress. Kress likes to keep the pets he finds the most interesting and hates anything considered “cute”. He is businessman who is often away from home and lost a few pets due to his absence.  Kress went on to find replacement pets and ran into this shop called Wo and Shade, Importers. This is where Wo introduces him to the Sandkings. Kress is at first dubious about the lifeforms. They don’t seem interesting enough for him and he wants something more appealing. Once Wo gains his interest by describing how they go at war, and how they worship, he decided to take them home. He fast grew tired of the inactivity as he was ready to see them at war. As Wo described, they would also come to worship him. However, Kress didn’t have the patience to treat them properly. He grew impatient and manipulated the creatures to fight one another by withholding their food. Because the Sandkings are intelligent creatures, they realized what Kress was doing and they had to continue fighting if they wanted to eat. Kress soon noticed they had begun to change his face in ugly ways on their built castles and this upset him. However, Kress was more preoccupied with impressing his friends and assuring that they’d be continuously entertaining him that he turned them against him. In Kress’ mind, these creatures were still going to worship him as he was their ‘God’ and he was the one feeding them. He invited friends over to bet on their wars. Ultimately, Cath, another character, opposed his cruel actions and she failed. Kress killed Cath though he didn’t actually mean to. He was a cruel person whose actions led the horrific deaths of other characters as well as his own death. We see how Kress spiraled into his own death by fault of his own. In a sense, Kress got what he deserved for his cruelty.