Portfolio Reflection

Pavel Nunez

Dr Carrie Hall


English 1121


Looking back on my writing in this english class and the previous english class i took, I have noticed just how much my writing has improved since the beginning of the semester and that first assignment. In the beginning , I was being a writer that didn’t know what he was talking about in his essays  and over thinking everything. Then I learned how to write in my own style and quickly writing an essay that should make sense on a certain topics. The work I’ve written and selected for this portfolio show that I have improved dramatically as a writer progress at the end of this semester. In the beginning of the quarter there were many things that I had to revise in my essays, and they took me twice as long to write as well. However, by the end of the quarter writing, although not quite second nature to me, has become much simpler and my writing in general has become much stronger as well.

There was a lot of things that  I have learned this semester. One was trying not to do my papers last minute, and stop trying to make them perfect near the end and half the time it doesn’t work out for me because I simply didn’t have enough time, so instead I usually start writing my essay as soon as it is assigned to me, so far it has become so  much easier for me to finish and feel done with it. The portfolio(of my essays/projects) that I’ve chosen not only shows how I have changed as a writer, but it also shows how I got better. My portfolio has the best work I have written, but also the mistakes I have done in the past , and through revising I was able to see the mistakes that I  make almost every time I write an essay, Now I’m going to quote something from my drug essay and relate it to this reflection. “ Most of the drugs mentioned can easily be accessed by going to the doctor and getting prescriptions for it even if your not in pain(this can quickly be abused in a way to get more of the drug you want), while doing so they also recommend more than the safe dose you’re suppose to get so that is another unfortunate cause, Another is how potent the drug is. Some drugs are stronger than others and can make you develop cravings for it which prevents people from having a normal life without the drug(which they are addicted to)”. As you see here, I actually learned how to use information from another text and summarize simply all without using the act of plagiarism. Also I knew what i was talking about, before all I did was rush my essays and hand it in like it was another day at school. Also I learned how to use real life examples of certain topics and relate it to my essays/projects that has a certain criteria for what you are writing about. One essay he had to write about struggles we had in life and other things. “Sometimes in life I always get I never give up and that’s just how it is . But it wasn’t motivation that helped me , it was the effort that lead me to that  .A quick example of this would be the time Where I was walking upstairs to my next class which was in the 8th floor, I refuse to take the elevator that day because there was a lot of people in. But as I was going upstairs and I was tired but as I went up the stairs I saw a 10 dollar bill below the staircase where almost nobody could see it unless u looked a certain angle”. This example from my  “Don’t Give Up Essay” shows a good example of relating to real life struggles/motivations and how I wrote it in a good way to build on the rest if my essay which is like the building blocks that leads to my main point in my essay.

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